If you've forgotten your password used for www.locumhubwales.co.uk it's easy to reset/change it.


  1. Navigate in a browser (Chrome/Edge/Safari etc) to www.locumhubwales.co.uk
  2. Click on the link 'Forgotten your Password' (bottom of the left hand side)
  3. This will open a window where you can add your email account linked to www.locumhubwales.co.uk then click reset my password.
    1. If the system says the 'Email not Found' please check for typos, or try logging in with a different email account. you can always get in touch with support@gpwales.co.uk and we can try and find you to confirm which email you have used.
  4. The system will email you a link to the email entered. You need to click this link within 60 minutes or it will timeout for security. If the link has timed out, simply repeat the process above.
  5. Enter a new password from the link in the email.


Change your Password

To change your password (if you've logged into the system already);

  1. Click on 'Security Settings' in the Initials menu
  2. Enter a new password in both boxes (must match) then click Change Password




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

Get in touch with our Support Team: support@gpwales.co.uk or 0333 0111 899