All shifts can be shown or filtered out to easily show shifts available to fill days you'd like to pick up Locum shifts.

All pages are mobile responsive so you may see a different layout on a smaller device but all the same features.


Accessing View All Shifts:

  1. Navigate to "Locums" in the Main Menu 
  2. Select "View and Manage Shifts"

Weekly Shift View

When you click View and Manage Shifts, it will load the weekly view of shifts covering the week containing today.

  1. By clicking the Browse by week Calendar box at the top left
    • You can change the week you wish to view by clicking on any date in the week you wish to view (move months forward or backwards using the arrows at the top, or click on the month label to move to a specific month/year quicker) 
    • View at a glance the month as a whole. Green shaded days show booked shifts and blue shaded days show shifts with pending applications. This colour coding is mimicked in the week/day views.
  2. To filter the contents of the week/day views you can click filters in the middle of the page at the top
  • You can filter by showing remote shifts only, or by favourites then click 'Apply'. Clicking 'Clear All' will deselect all filters. You can manage your favourites list either as you apply to shifts (there will be a checkbox in the application window), or from the Shift Preferences tab of your Profile.
  • Any filter selection will be retained in the Daily View of shifts.
  • A quick link to Add External Shifts is in the top left of the page, this will take you to the External Shifts page.


The Layout

  1. The page shows each day of the week as a column, running Monday to Sunday.
  2. Each Row is a section of the day. Shifts will display in the section of the START of the shift.
    • Last Night 23:59-08:00 (i.e. 23:59pm of the previous day, up to 08:00am of the current day will show the same contents as the bottom row of the previous day, as denoted by the 'jigsaw' pieces. We've tried to display this twice so that the calendar is clear for you if they work a shift in this overnight/morning period that they'd not be able to work in the day shift as well or vice versa.
    • Day 08:00-18:30 
    • Evening 18:30-23:59
    • Tonight 23:59-08:00 (also displays in the following day's 'Last Night' row)
  3. Each section in the calendar will show the number of shifts
    • Unfilled = a shift in the past which you applied to but was not accepted before the shift started. 
    • Open = a posted future shift without any applicants
    • Applied For = a posted future shift which you've applied for but hasn't been accepted/rejected yet
    • Booked = a posted shift you've been booked to work for.
    • Closed = a posted shift in past or future which was applied for but unsuccessful, or created then cancelled by the Practice/Location, or you've entered a 'Can't Attend' submission.
  4. Click any of dark grey date boxes or the sections in the day to open a more detailed 'Daily View'. You'll be loaded to the relevant part of the day.


Daily Shift View

When you click on a section of the weekly view, the more detailed Daily View will load. You'll be loaded to the relevant part of the day that you clicked on.

To then move to a different individual day, use the 'Browse by Day' calendar. to return to a weekly view, click 'View Week'

The page is still broken down into the same time ranges as the weekly view.

Each shift will display as a tile, containing;

  1. In the Header/Status bar
    • The top left icon shows the part of the day the shift is within as a quick reminder
    • Then the Start Date and Time to End Date and Time of the shift
    • The Status of the Shift (this will also change the colour of the status bar for easy viewing)
    • View Shift Details - Clicking this will load all information held in relation to the shift.
  2. In the Main Tile
    • The Location image and name
    • If the shift is remote a blue remote icon will overlay the image
    • Information about the shift itself
  3. Buttons on the right hand side let you manage the shift
    • Apply - will open a window to apply to shifts - see Applying for Shifts for more info.
    • Withdraw Application - will withdraw the application. The Practice or Location will see that the application has been 'Withdrawn or Accepted Elsewhere'. You will not be able to re-apply for the shift
    • Reduce Fee - will allow you to change the Offered fee if you wish to.
    • Raise a Fee Query - will only display for accepted shifts - see Queries for more info
    • Can't Attend - will only display for shifts you've been accepted for - see Can't Attend process for more info




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

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