Locum Hub Wales can send you a summary email of all the new Locum Shifts that have been posted. You can customise the frequency and content of your summary email. You will also receive a notification on your Dashboard when a shift that meets your criteria is published. 



Navigate to your initials in the main menu, and select 'Notification Settings'

Here you can choose how frequently you would like to receive your summary email.  It'll include anything added since the last summary and be sent to the email you use to log in with.

  • Never. 
  • Hourly - On the hour, between 8am and 6pm. 
  • Daily - 6pm every day
  • Weekly - 6pm every Friday



You can customise the content of your summary based on which Practice / OOH Location is advertising the shift, and the time/day of the week the shift is posted for. 

Day of the Week

Navigate to your initials in the main menu, and select 'Edit Profile.' 

Navigate to the 'Shift Preferences' Tab, scroll down until you see a section like this image

Select which days and time periods that you would like to be notified about. You will only receive email notifications about shifts that start within the sessions you have selected. (A shift of 08:00-17:00 would only be included in your summary if you select AM)

Practice / OOH Location

This is in the section just below the days/times in the week, or navigate to your initials in the main menu, and select 'Edit Profile

Navigate to the 'Shift Preferences' Tab

You will only receive an email notification about shifts published by practices in your Favourites list. Simply add or remove a practice from your favourites list to receive or stop receiving notifications about shifts from that location.

If you apply to shifts in a Practice / OOH Location not in your favourites, you'll have an opportunity to add the Practice / OOH Location when you apply


Not receiving your Email Summary on time?

Locum Hub Wales sends all the summary emails out to everybody at the same time  - on the hour if you have selected 'Hourly' or at 6pm if you have selected 'Daily,' and 6pm on a Friday if you have selected 'Weekly.'

Despite us sending you the email at the times stated above, it might not always mean that your device will receive the email at those time. There could be a few reasons for this - but will usually depend on your Email Provider and your Push/Fetch Settings of your device . . . let us explain . . .  

Your Email Provider / Device can be set up to 'Push' emails - this means that as soon as your email provider receives the email, they will Push it on to your device. This results in you getting your emails fairly instantaneously, but it can affect your battery - your device is always on the lookout for new emails. 

The alternative is 'Fetch.' This is a bit friendlier on your battery, as your device will only check for emails at set intervals (every hour or two normally) or when you open your email client (such as Outlook or Mail). This means there might be a delay in you receiving emails. 

We won't be able to provide you with individual support on setting up your email account on your device as there are thousands of different Email Providers and Thousands of different phones, tablets and computers to choose from, but hopefully this information will allow you to start investigating further.