From everyone will have a Jobs menu visible to them within GPWales, and be able to 'Search for Jobs'

Jobs are searchable by anyone, you don't need to be a GPWales user to access the Job Search.

Finding a Job to suit you

The default order of jobs being displayed is based on the Closing Date, the closing date closest to today being first.

You can filter the search results in the bar at the top of the screen by

  1. Entering a Postcode and then changing 'Anywhere' to a preferred distance.
  2. Filtering by a particular job role, i.e. 'Doctor' or 'Practice Management' each of these roles will have sub categories included in them.
  3. Logged in users will also see a filter to show only 'Saved' Jobs, a watch list of jobs you'd like to keep track of. 


Going a bit Deeper

The results section will show a count of your filtered results, and explain which filters are applied (if any)

Clicking on the job tile (on the left hand side) will highlight the pin on the map, or clicking the pin on the map will scroll you to and highlight the relevant job summary.

Logged in users will be able to 'Save this Job' or clicking again will 'Unsave the Job'

To view more information click the button for each job. 

  1. The top section of the Job details gives the core Job and contact information
  2. The central section, details about the job itself, along with any attachments
  3. The bottom section shares more about the Practice, what it's like to work in, a link to the website and Practice Data like the number of patients and staff, branches, clinical system and if there is parking or a dispensary on site.

The right hand section (or at the bottom of the page if using a mobile/small screen size) gives a list of actions;

  1. Applying for the Job will redirect you to NHSJobs to apply via their portal. Most Practices are open to or actively encourage an informal chat directly prior to applying in NHSJobs.
  2. Logged in users will be able to Save or Unsave the Job
  3. Print or download the job information




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

Get in touch with our Support Team: or 0333 0111 899