Your Dashboard is your homepage for the site, a bit like a facebook wall. Your dashboard will continue to evolve over time and so will become more helpful, so you can see things quicker and easier. 


A Quick Tour

  1. Our Logo (top left) - click on the logo to get back to dashboard any time
  2. Menu (top right)
  3. Notifications (left hand side)
  4. Tasks (right hand side)
  5. Profile (right hand side)

NB: viewing the site on a mobile will rearrange the layout but all the same features will be visible. you'll get a replacement three line menu button.




This is where you will receive notifications about things you may be interested in - any new shift posted by a Practice/OOH Location, cancelled shifts, application being accepted, permissions being changed - basically any change connected to you.

You will also be sent an email about important notifications such being accepted for a shift, or a shift being cancelled.

You can click links within the notification to get to more information. You can clear one notification at a time, or clear all to wipe the slate clean!



Tasks are something which requires action from you - a 'task list' as it were.

Each task will become a link, clicking it will take you to the location to be able to resolve the task.

It could be handling a Query about a shift, submitting a Confirmation of No Shifts Worked, anything you need to actively do within the site. The only way to clear a Task is to complete the action required. 



Your Profile is really important and impacts everything you'll see in the site. If you're a Locum, it'll effect what Locum Shifts you see, which practices you engage with and what those practices will be able to see about you.

We highly recommend you take time to fully complete it. Clicking 'Edit Profile' will allow you to change or add to your profile.



All users will have their initials in the top right - this menu holds you account options. The number next to your initials indicates the number of notifications you currently have.




Dashboard will return you to the dashboard from anywhere in the site

Edit Profile will open your User Account Profile

Notification Settings allows you to manage how frequently you receive summary emails from the site. Summary emails contain new shift notifications for locums, and New Applicants for Practices and OOH administrators.

Security Settings - this is where you change your password

Sign Out will securely sign you out of the site. This happens by default for your own security if you haven't used the site for 60 minutes.



Locum Users will also see an additional 'Locums' menu item

Practice Enable Users will also see a 'Practice Tools' menu item

OOH and 111 Users will also see a 'OOH/111 Tools' menu item



At the bottom of every page will show links to things like

  1. Accessibility Statements - ever wondered what it takes for a site to be user friendly for everyone?
  2. About Us - who are we? Want to help us improve your Primary Care experience?
  3. Language options (Cymraeg/English) - switch anytime between English and Welsh
  4. Terms of Use - these are the T&Cs of using the site that every user agrees to when registering/accessing the site.
  5. Privacy Policy - find out what happens to your data and data rights
  6. Cookie Policy - a bit more about the cookies
  7. Support Pages - a link to this knowledge base!




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

Get in touch with our Support Team: or 0333 0111 899