Locum Hub Wales is all about matchmaking Locums with shifts and shifts with Locums - Locuming is an important rota filler and the swifter this is completed the easier it is on both parties. 

Locum Hub Wales don't employ locums etc, it's purely a mechanism to help Locums and Shifts find each other more effectively.

Below are some key elements or processes to understand the big picture/flow of a user's journey. 

Put simply, once everyone is online:

  1. OOH posts shifts
  2. Locums Apply
  3. OOH accepts or rejects applications
  4. Locum does the shift


Getting started

  1. Your LHB representative needs to contact support@gpwales.co.uk with your name and email for us to update the user permissions to let you access your Local Health Board account
  2. We'll set you up an account and you select a password by using the 'Forgot your Password' link in the login page.
  3. You'll then see "OOH/111 Tools" in the menu when logged in.

Locums will also have their own accounts, but with much more information provided. They must have Locum Hub Wales user accounts and be in the Welsh MPL to be able to view OOH or 111 shifts.



  1. OOH Manager adds shifts - see Creating a New OOH/111 Shift
  2. Locum is notified of shift(s), or browses and finds shift(s). They can view more information and then apply or ignore.
  3. OOH Manager will be notified by summary email that a new application has been received - you can manage the frequency of this from "Notification Settings" in the Initials Menu - more info here 
  4. OOH Manager can login to view applications via the "Manage Applications" page in the OOH Tools menu, or by finding the relevant shift date - more info here
  5. OOH Manager can accept/reject applicants
    1. If onboarding is required, this must be done offline to adhere to each LHB unique process. Applicants are encouraged to upload information required for onboarding into their portfolio in advance, based on data provided here (please email support@gpwales.co.uk if this needs updating making it clear what needs to be added/removed/changed)
    2. Accepted Locums will be immediately emailed, as are any rejected (any not accepted will be automatically rejected - until Multiple Accept is brought online in early June)
    3. Note Locums can withdraw applications at any time, or if they are accepted for a different shift at an overlapping time they will be automatically withdrawn from any other applications to ensure they can't be working in two places at the same time.
  6. Download a Shift Report from time to time to export all shift data from within the selected time period. get in touch (support@gpwales.co.uk) if you'd like to use our interpreting tool to show fill rate % by week/month, usage by location etc.


Shift Statuses

  • Unfilled = a shift in the past which was not accepted, either because there were no applicants, or those applicants weren't accepted in time for the shift
  • Open = a posted future shift without any applicants
  • Applied For = a posted future shift with at least one live applicant (i.e. hasn't been accepted/rejected yet) If the only applicant is rejected the shift status will revert to 'Open'
  • Accepted = a posted future shift with an accepted Locum to do the shift
  • Cancelled (by Practice/Location) = a posted shift in past or future but was created then cancelled by the OOH Manager
  • Cancelled (by Locum) = a posted shift in the past or future which used to be accepted but then the accepted Locum clicked to 'Can't Attend', completed the reasoning information and declaration (which is emailed to all OOH Managers immediately)




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

Get in touch with our Support Team: support@gpwales.co.uk or 0333 0111 899