Our intention was to build Locum Hub Wales within GPWales.co.uk but as part of the COVID-19 response Locum Hub Wales was expedited, and in the interest of time, it was launched as a separate website - www.locumhubwales.co.uk

While helpful for the pandemic, this resulted in users needing two separate accounts and passwords. We're now busy merging the 2 sites, with the merge going live in Summer 2021.


What will change?

  • We're really excited about combining the two sites so that Permanent Jobs, Locum Shifts as well as Discounts for staff and practices are all on one website.
  • The big change will be the login process - firstly all the content will be on/accessible from www.gpwales.co.uk (if you go to www.locumhubwales.co.uk from a favourite link etc don't worry, it'll redirect you over)
  • Users will use their login details they are currently using for Locum Hub Wales. We have decided on this as Locum Hub Wales has many more users than GPWales.co.uk and this will be the least disruptive route for the majority of our users.
  • Multiple users can manage a single Practice. Practices will not longer be limited a single Practice account email. 
  • Posting a new Permanent Job will be easier than ever - we've completely re-designed this part of GPWales. 
  • Permanent Job-seekers will also get a brand new job search results page.
  • Last but not least, the website will generally look a lot more modern. 


What do I need to do?

Your account for Locum Hub Wales will continue to work into the future (but accessible via www.gpwales.co.uk). Unfortunately, you can't keep your current GPWales accounts and password - so these will be retired and deleted safely. Users will use their login details they are currently using for Locum Hub Wales

(This will mainly affect Practice Managers that have been using GPWales for Permanent Jobs, but haven't signed up to Locum Hub Wales yet). So, to get prepared;

  1. Set up a user account in Locum Hub Wales (if you haven't got one already!). 
  2. All of the Permanent Job history will be moved to your new Practice records so you'll not lose any old data and still be able to duplicate or relist old jobs.
  3. If, as a jobseeker you've saved Jobs to your watchlist, you'll need to re-favourite these once the change occurs.


I currently Use Locum Hub Wales - what will happen to my Account?

You can continue as you are, none of your data will be lost, but instead of accessing the site via www.locumhubwales.co.uk, you will need to access your account via www.gpwales.co.uk 


I'm a practice manager, I currently Use Locum Hub Wales and GPWales - what do I need to do?

None of your Practice Data will be lost (neither from GPWales or LocumHubWales, and after the merge you will be able to access both your Permanent Jobs and Locum Shifts in one place - www.gpwales.co.uk. You will need to use the email address and password you are currently using on LocumHubWales to log in.


I'm a practice manager, currently I'm only using GPWales - what do I need to do?

You can continue to use www.gpwales.co.uk to access the merged site. Your practice information (such as previous and current jobs) will not be lost, but to access it, you will need to create a new personal profile and apply to manage your Practice. You don't have to wait however - you could sign up to www.locumhubwales.co.uk now and then use those log in details after the merge has taken place. 




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

Get in touch with our Support Team: support@gpwales.co.uk or 0333 0111 899