No-one can do everything! Having some more people in mix can be helpful if you're away or just busy. 

Connect as many users as you'd like

Connecting extra users needs them to set themselves up with the website Setting up an Account and Making your Profile

Part of that process would be to connect themselves to the Practice.


Authorising Users to access your Practice

To make sure only the people you want to access the Practice can, we have an authorisation step. This can be achieved in one of three ways;


    1) Pre-Approved Practice Managers

If you're a Practice Manager in the Wales National Workforce Reporting System (WNWRS) you'll have been pre-approved to connect to the relevant Practice and when you apply to join you'll be approved straight away.


    2) Approve them via someone else with access in the Practice

Anytime someone requests access to the Practice, all other current users are emailed about it - for you to authorise their access, click the link in the email, or navigate to the 'Edit Practice Profile' menu in the 'Practice Tools'. Clicking on the 'Practice Enabled User' tab will then display two tables.

The first table shows Personal Users who have requested to become a Practice Enabled User.

  1. To accept or reject a request from a user, use the appropriate button in the right-hand column.
  2. The Second Table Shows a list of all the current Practice Enabled Users. Any existing Practice Enabled User can Approve or Reject a new request.

  3. To revoke access from a user, use the ‘Revoke Access’ button in the right-hand column. This takes effect immediately, and will mean that user will no longer be able to view the Practice Tools menu and do anything on behalf of the Practice.


    3) Ask the GPWales Support Team to help

Where you're not pre-authorised and there are no other Practice users you can reach out to

We can authorise you but we need to manually confirm your credentials - to do this (and so ensure that only the appropriate people are authorised to manage the Practice account) we are required to call the Practice telephone and speak with a Practice Manager, Deputy or Partner. They'll be asked to confirm the statement: 

“Please confirm if we should approve [name of person] to be a Practice Enabled User of [Practice Name]. They should be a Practice Manager, Deputy, Partner or Administrator/Staff Member with responsibility to represent the Practice within Locum Hub Wales. This means they will be able to access the Practice account, edit Practice profile information; post new Locum Shifts; manage, process applications or cancel Locum Shifts; view Locums who wish to be notified of shifts posted by the Practice; view analytics and reporting on Practice activity and view any invoicing from Locums where they use the Locum Hub Wales system. Please can you say you agree to us enabling them or not”

It can take time to get through reception and have a relevant staff member available to speak to. 



'Pre-authorising' users to access your Practice

Once you're an approved user you can email with the name and email of anyone you wish to pre-authorise to manage the Practice account. Note, they need to use the email provided for their account for this to recognise the user.




Have we missed something you want to know? Have any feedback or still confused? 

Get in touch with our Support Team: or 0333 0111 899